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Cloakroom decoration is a part of family decoration. No matter which area is decorated, you need to know a lot of decoration feng shui knowledge during the decoration. Whether you believe in Feng Shui taboos or not, decoration Feng Shui still interferes with people's lives. Therefore, in order to live comfortably and comfortably in the future, decoration feng shui knowledge has to be known. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you about the feng shui knowledge of the decoration of the cloakroom

first, the division of cloakroom space

cloakroom affects the aura of the bedroom. Some owners will divide a separate area in the larger bedroom as the cloakroom. For this large "cloakroom", the most taboo is to put old books and sundries inside. Due to the small area in the cloakroom, it often leads to poor ventilation. If it is disordered inside, it will produce damp air for a long time, which will affect the smoothness of the air in the bedroom, and then affect the master's mood, and even the master's rational thinking ability. Its internal wardrobe drawers should not be too many. If the dressing mirror in the cloakroom is just facing the door of the cloakroom, and it is easy to be frightened when opening the door, the owner can put a knee high plant in front of the mirror to dissolve it. Another situation is that some bedrooms with bathrooms can be blocked by cloakrooms if the bathroom door is facing the bed. Because the downcomer of the toilet and the airflow of the toilet are not disordered, coupled with excessive moisture, people's health is easily affected. Using a wardrobe for isolation can make the bedroom aura harmonious and help balance emotions

second, the orientation of the cloakroom furniture

the mirror in the cloakroom should not be directly opposite the bed. Because the dressing table is used by women, sex belongs to Yin, so it should be placed on the right side of the head of the bed, and the white tiger position also belongs to Yin. Only when the two match, can it conform to the way of yin and Yang. When the dressing table is placed on the right side of the bed (white tiger position), furniture larger than the dressing table should be placed on the corresponding left side (green dragon position). The wardrobe is usually tall in shape, which should be set on the left side of the bed to match the Yang of the Qinglong position and make it higher than the dressing table of the white tiger position. In this way, the bedroom can maintain a relatively vigorous Yang Qi, a prosperous population and good fortune. The mirror can't face the bedroom window, which will make the light messy, resulting in an aura that is not conducive to home, making it difficult for the family to have a peaceful mood. In addition, the mirror can't face the bedroom door

a bright living space can bring good mood to the owner. The choice and layout of the bedroom wardrobe can be determined according to the orientation of the bedroom. If the bedroom doors and windows face north, and the lighting and ventilation are poor, it is best to choose a light colored wardrobe. The wardrobe should be placed in the dark corner as far as possible, not next to the window or bedroom door. This can prevent the wardrobe from blocking the light and make the bedroom darker. If the bedroom is well lit and ventilated, the wardrobe color is not too particular, but it is best not to choose a wardrobe with too much reflective metal and glass inlaid on the surface. In addition, the bedroom is a place to rest and needs a quiet environment. Therefore, the more simple the function, the more peaceful the dwelling will be. At present, the expansion of housing area and the improvement of people's living quality also create a prerequisite for the pursuit of bedroom. As a result, more and more families have abandoned other functions that interfere with sleep, such as the bedroom, study, storage room and even restaurant, so that sleep has truly become the main function of the bedroom

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