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For modern decorated families, the word formaldehyde seems to have become a sign of pollution in the home. The peak decoration season is still in full swing, and the air quality of the new house after decoration has become a hot topic of discussion. In the face of this problem, I believe everyone is very upset for a while. Don't worry, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian will teach you a few ways to see what to do if the decoration formaldehyde exceeds the standard

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What if the decoration formaldehyde exceeds the standard

1. Open windows for ventilation

through the way of opening windows for ventilation, the air flow can take away toxic gases. However, due to the low efficiency of air circulation at home, it usually takes more than 10 years to remove formaldehyde, so it is the most direct, but the effect is also relatively slow. Xiaobian suggests more ventilation in sunny and windy weather

2. Formaldehyde remover

according to the editor, relevant professionals pointed out that formaldehyde scavengers "remove" formaldehyde by chemical reaction, and the essence of this method is to reduce the toxicity of the target substance or convert it into non-toxic substances

3. Plant removal

many families use plants to remove formaldehyde. Indeed, the plant removal method is suitable for families whose formaldehyde exceeds the standard is not very heavy, and can achieve a good effect. For example, pineapple, orange, lemon, etc. are relatively good, but if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard is serious, the effect of this method is not very obvious

4. Activated carbon removal

use activated carbon, bamboo charcoal, diatom mud and other minerals, activated ceramics and other items with adsorption capacity to place them in rooms where formaldehyde exceeds the standard, and reduce formaldehyde pollution through adsorption

5. Black tea removal

this method is believed to have been used by many people. 300g black tea can be soaked in two washbasins with hot water and placed indoors with windows open for ventilation. After 48 hours, the content of formaldehyde will be greatly reduced, and some pungent smells can also be reduced

Xiaobian summary: modern people are sensitive to formaldehyde, and even when choosing building materials, they choose thousands of choices about its content. They want to pass all materials containing a little formaldehyde. I believe the above sorting can also help owners. (recommended reading: can the air purifier remove formaldehyde?)

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