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November: the house is our place to rest, so the environmental Feng Shui problem of the house will affect some of our fortunes in health, emotion and work, so renting a house also pays attention to Feng Shui. Let's take a look at the Feng Shui precautions of renting a house and see if you have made any Feng Shui taboos. Have you made any

many people don't know about the previous tenants when renting a house. If the previous tenants or homeowners don't live in the house, there may be some reasons about the house. Therefore, we need to know why the house is rented, and whether there have been adverse circumstances such as accidental casualties in the family. If we can know the industry, luck, health, marriage and other conditions of the family in this house, it is better. In this way, you can avoid staying in a dangerous house from the beginning

the design pattern of house types has a very important impact on residents, because some house types will have some evil spirits or Feng Shui taboos due to the pattern. For example, if the door is open to the balcony, if the kitchen door is facing the window, the toilet door is facing the window and other patterns that do not gather money, if the room is prosperous, there will be more in and more out. If the room fails, there will be less in and more out and decay. At the same time, the location of the kitchen and bathroom should be considered. If the location is inappropriate, it will have a direct impact on the health of the family

maybe many people rent houses, most of them will take into account the traffic conditions of the house, whether it is convenient nearby, etc., and ignore some important observation of Feng Shui environment. In fact, the house is best not to be close to hospitals, temples, viaducts and other buildings. These places may bring some auras that are not conducive to people's living, which will affect personal fortune. In addition, the location of the house should not be too lonely and gloomy, because there are few people and Yin Qi is abundant, which is very detrimental to peopleAuspicious day of decoration in 2017 decoration precautions in 2017成都神经内科医院



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