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Ceiling, as the name suggests, is the decoration of the top of the house and one of the important components of indoor decoration. According to different preferences of different people, the ceiling can be simple plane type, concave convex type with strong sense of hierarchy, chic suspension type, or bright glass type, etc. it can be said that there are 1000 ceiling styles for 1000 people. However, the knowledge of ceiling decoration is also great, and the pursuit of beauty cannot be carried out to the end. So, how to choose a suitable ceiling for different houses? Next, I'll share with you a little knowledge about ceiling

◆ does your home really need ceiling

it is understood that the indoor height of most home owners is about 2.75 meters, and the storey height of some high-rise buildings is even only 2.6 meters, while the ceiling will greatly reduce the indoor space. However, it is generally believed that home decoration is not good without ceiling. Of course, it is undeniable that some ceilings in home decoration are really well done, which adds color to home decoration

however, it was found that the top surface of many home buildings was originally square and flat, and no primary and secondary beams protruded. It's not suitable to make a large-area ceiling at all. However, when making decoration, it's hard to fall around by oneortwo levels, fill the fall level with fluorescent lamp strips, and even install color fluorescent tubes. This makes the whole room look very commercial. In fact, when making top decoration, light lines such as an internal corner line or a flat corner line can play a decorative role, rather than necessarily using the method of ceiling. Excessive decoration will also cause visual psychological burden

◆ there are many misunderstandings in ceiling decoration

blindly pursuing the visual effects brought by the ceiling will also bring many misunderstandings to family decoration:

first, installing the ceiling will appear high-grade. In fact, as the storey height of commercial housing is not as high as before, it is usually only 2.6— 2.8 meters. Installing a ceiling in such a relatively narrow space will make people feel nervous and depressed visually, and then cause some physiological reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, etc

second, the uneven shape will highlight the owner's personality. When installing the ceiling, some people will design uneven shapes, or use glass, mirrors and other materials, which brings difficulties to the usual cleaning, making the ceiling a place to hide dirt, thus polluting the indoor air environment. This is especially true in northern areas with heavy sandstorms and dust

third, color light source can create a good atmosphere. Many families will install some colorful bulbs on the ceiling. In fact, these strange feelings are not suitable for ordinary families. Abuse is also easy to make the room appear impetuous and destroy the warm and harmonious mood

◆ different conditions suitable for ceiling

then, what conditions are suitable for ceiling? With these questions, I consulted the heads of some decoration companies, and concluded the following results:

to make home decoration suitable for ceiling, there are two main points, one is to make the original beams and pipes invisible, and the other is to make the space height tend to be the same

for example, if there are inappropriate primary and secondary beams on the top of the living room, we need to find ways to design, dissolve and decorate. There are beams between the living room and the dining room in general. The area of the restaurant is generally smaller than that of the living room, so ceiling decoration can be considered in the restaurant. If the restaurant is a separate room, the ceiling is not necessary

in addition, in toilets and kitchens, ceiling should generally be used. Because these places generally have pipelines, and the space plane is very small. Pay attention to the selection of materials, which should be free of pollution and fiber dust. Bright light sources should be used behind the ceiling in these places to create a clean and bright feeling. Matters needing attention in ceiling under different circumstances

except that most living rooms are suitable for ceiling, toilets and kitchens should also be suspended in general. Some aspects that need attention about the ceiling of living room, kitchen and bathroom obtained in the survey are:

first, the ceiling of living room

most living rooms use suspended ceiling, so we should first pay attention to the selection of materials. Moreover, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the construction specifications. When installing, it must be in the correct position and firmly connected. Decorative materials used for ceilings, walls and floors should be non combustible or flame retardant materials, and wood materials are flammable, so fire prevention treatment should be done. Generally, electrical pipelines such as lighting and air conditioning should be laid in the ceiling, which should be operated in strict accordance with the specifications to avoid potential fire hazards

II. Kitchen ceiling

the ceiling construction of kitchen and bathroom has always been a difficulty in home decoration, because the humidity of the kitchen is relatively large, and there is lampblack and peculiar smell. Therefore, appropriate materials and reasonable construction methods should be used in the decoration construction. In actual construction, waterproof coating, PVC plate and aluminum-plastic plate are often used in the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom. In the construction of waterproof coating, it has the characteristics of convenient construction, low cost and diverse colors. Aluminum alloy ceiling materials have bright colors and do not fade, fire prevention, environmental protection and no pollution, and have become a good choice for home decoration. At the same time, during the construction process, it is more important to set the air and humidity exhaust system, so that the indoor moist air can be discharged in time. On the one hand, it can protect the ceiling materials and their structures, and also effectively protect the increasing electrical equipment in the kitchen and bathroom, which provides more aspects for your cleaning work

III. bathroom ceiling

since the bathroom is a high-temperature and humid area, the material must be moisture-proof, high-temperature resistant and not easy to deform. The ceiling in the toilet will generally be equipped with heat preservation, exhaust and other equipment, so when purchasing materials, it is necessary to have a ceiling that is convenient for installation and maintenance. In terms of materials, it should be noted that the keel and other accessories corresponding to the main material should meet the relevant requirements. Moreover, when installing the ceiling, manholes should be set in the relatively hidden parts, so that it will not affect the appearance but also facilitate maintenance

in home decoration, the choice of ceiling is very important. A good ceiling can not only make your home more colorful and meet your visual enjoyment, but also remember not to blindly pursue beauty, and practicality is the king





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