ICBC decoration loan application conditions and bu

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What conditions need to be met to apply for ICBC decoration loan? How is the specific business process regulated? We are here to give you a unified introduction

application conditions

1, over 18 years old, under 60 years old, with full civil capacity

2. Have stable income and occupation, and have the ability to repay

3. Good personal credit

4. Own not less than 50% of the total decoration funds

5. Have signed decoration contracts with decoration enterprises, and have decoration budget estimates and relevant materials

6. Other conditions

required information

1, the applicant's identity certificate and marriage status certificate

2. House property right certificate and house use certificate. Housing mortgage loan contract

3. Borrower's income certificate

4. House decoration contract

5. Ownership certificate of collateral (pledge), mortgage list, statement of consent of the owner to mortgage (pledge)

6. Instructions of the guarantor's consent to the guarantee

7. Business license of decoration enterprise

8. Other data. It is recommended to read the personal loan materials you need to write when buying a car with a loan




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