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Changxing Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was sealed up.

without environmental protection approval, no environmental protection treatment facilities were built to directly discharge waste gas and wastewater to pollute the environment. On August 21, Shenzhen Changxing Hardware Products Co., Ltd., located in Guangming New Area, was sealed up by law enforcement officers on site

on the morning of August 21, he followed the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Environmental Supervision Detachment to Guangming New Area to inspect and enforce the law. Another 10 points of good energy-saving effect and comprehensive economic benefits were found in the inspection. It was found that Shenzhen Changxing Hardware Products Co., Ltd., located in the seventh industrial zone of Tianliao community, Gongming office, has 6 acid degreasing tanks in the workshop on the first floor for degreasing and cleaning of hardware products

however, the company does not have sewage treatment facilities to enhance the processing capacity of experimental data information. The wastewater from the six acid oil removal tanks is directly discharged outside the plant through the faucet of the tank and finally flows into the municipal pipeline. As the wastewater from the acid oil removal tank is directly discharged without treatment for a long time, thick sludge is accumulated at the lower drain outlet, and the pungent smell is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results

it is understood that this is an enterprise mainly engaged in chassis and hardware processing, with processes such as cutting, grinding, acid pickling, degreasing, cleaning, painting, powder spraying and assembly. Through inspection, it was found that the company added pickling and degreasing cleaning and painting processes without environmental protection approval, and the company did not build environmental protection treatment facilities, and directly discharged pickling and degreasing wastewater and painting waste gas without approval, causing environmental pollution

the law enforcement personnel collected water samples and sludge samples on site, and tested the pH test paper of the acid oil removal tank. It was found that the water quality of some water tanks was acidic, and the specific components of the sewage of other water tanks needed to be further tested

subsequently, the law enforcement officers issued the decision on ordering correction and punishment on site, and sealed up the spray paint water showering cabinet and acid pickling and oil removal facilities and equipment. Law enforcement officials said that if heavy metals and excessive acidity were found in the water quality test, they would be handed over to the public security organ for treatment

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