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Changzhou BRT strictly inspects the paint barrels of dangerous goods and so on.

Changzhou BRT strictly inspects the paint barrels of dangerous goods and so on Yesterday, I saw at the BRT platform of Renmin Road, Lanling road that the station service personnel were carefully checking the passengers' parcels. "We require that every big bag be checked, and that some suspicious looking plastic buckets and paint buckets be checked." Ms. Li, a station attendant, told her that she would check more than 100 bags at the end of the day. "After the fire broke out in Xiamen, everyone's cooperation was much higher."

security inspectors appeared on BRT platform yesterday, friend "Lucas" posted a post on Hualong Lane saying that security inspectors appeared on BRT platform in Changzhou, and they would register dangerous goods as soon as they were found. Most passengers were very cooperative

the friend said that at about 2:00 p.m. on the 12th, he took B1 to Renmin Road. When he left the station, he saw a staff member carefully checking the packages of each incoming passenger. "At that time, I felt very strange, so I stood aside and watched for a while." It turned out that because of the bus fire disaster in Xiamen a few days ago, the bus company was conducting pilot security checks

the friend also said that, in fact, checking the bag was very annoying. However, seeing that the young man explained and guided patiently, and checked in dangerous goods when he found them, most passengers were very cooperative

the friend also suggested: "I hope the public transport group can normalize and professionalize this work."

brt station service passengers usually cooperate with

yesterday morning, they came to the BRT platform of Renmin Road, Lanling Road, but did not see the security personnel. Ms. Li, the station service staff on the platform, told us that the Dragon Boat Festival two days ago had a large flow of people, so the company sent additional staff to do security inspection together with the station service staff. Today, I thought it was the steel bar material tensile testing machine that returned to normal

according to the relevant person in charge of Changzhou public transport company, the usual security inspection is mainly undertaken by the station service personnel. Recently, the company has strengthened the inspection

"now, we have to check every big bag. We have to check every suspicious paint bucket and plastic bucket." Ms. Li said that at the end of the day, she would check more than 100 bags

"after the accident of Xiamen BRT, passengers can generally cooperate with the inspection." Ms. Li said that sometimes there are people who insist on not letting go of their bags or taking dangerous goods on board. "First, we are resistant to the computer-controlled electronic universal experimental machine, which is your better choice to persuade. Show them the regulations. If you can't, you can only call the police."

Ms. Li said that a few days ago, she found a passenger carrying a bucket of glass glue and temporarily detained it. "I told the passenger that the glass glue was dangerous and could not be taken to the car. At first, the man was not happy and said to take out the regulations. Later, when he saw that the regulations were really written like this, he didn't insist."


the bus station seized 108 dangerous goods in four days

yesterday, it was learned from Changzhou passenger transport center that in the four days from June 9 to June 12, Changzhou bus station transported a total of 148000 passengers, 329 overtime shifts, and an average of 3. 5 passengers per day 70000 person times of operation shall be conducted according to actual utilization. During this period, 108 dangerous goods of various types were also seized

after the bus fire in Xiamen, the station strengthened the safety management, and insisted on "four 100%" in the inspection and blocking of dangerous goods, that is, the due diligence rate of the personnel responsible for the inspection and blocking of dangerous goods was 100%, the luggage inspection rate was 100%, the unpacking inspection rate of suspicious goods was 100%, and the registration and handling rate of dangerous goods was 100%, blocking 108 dangerous goods of all kinds outside the door

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