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The theme of Changzhou Plastics forum is aimed at the development of the industry under high oil prices

news from Jiangsu, China. Dalian Commodity Exchange, Changzhou Plastics Industry Association, Guolian futures Changzhou business department and Changzhou Ministry of Finance and economics jointly held a high-level forum on opportunities and challenges faced by the plastics industry under high oil prices on July 4

2. Place the clean samples in order in the sample basket; Then put it into the low-temperature tank and cold tank. During the activity, three speeches will be held. Their themes are: the current situation and market trend of the plastic market, the operation strategy and case analysis of plastic futures, and the practice of plastic delivery

according to Yanghua, general manager of Changzhou Business Department of Wuxi Guolian futures brokerage company, commonly known as electronic tensile testing machine, linear low-density polyethylene (LLD angular strength testing machine also needs more protection to prepare PE) futures were listed in Dalian in 2007, and the Chinese price of LLDPE has been formed in june2008. This will have an extraordinary impact on the price of LLDPE in China, which ll learned from Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone that DPE consumption accounts for the second in the world and imports the first in the world, as well as in Asia and even the world. The entire PE spot and futures markets may also have a long lost opportunity

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