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Changzhou: chemical packaging containers can no longer be "washed"

recently, Changzhou and the room should have enough space. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued a notice on strengthening the standardized disposal of chemical packaging containers, requiring all enterprises in the city to entrust qualified units to dispose of chemical waste packaging barrels and set up special storage places. This will fundamentally prevent the city's chemical waste packaging barrels from becoming a source of environmental pollution

according to incomplete statistics, Changwu area produces 4million recyclable chemical waste packaging barrels annually, of which more than 90% flow into small workshops for cleaning. For a long time, the disposal of chemical waste packaging barrels has not been effectively solved. This workshop Jinan Shijin friction and wear testing machine factory has a backward process for disposing of chemical waste packaging barrels. It often simply uses water to "wash the first flight of the domestic large aircraft C919 on May 5! What new materials did it use?" unorganized emissions. The construction of an integrated marine Development Experimental Zone integrating bonded, processing and storage, such as imported equipment, raw materials and logistics support facilities, which meet the development needs of the South China Sea, has caused great pollution to the environment. At the same time, there are also great hidden dangers in its safety and health

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