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The first introduction of 5g UAV into Changyi Expressway to assist the Spring Festival transportation

5g network evolution has given birth to the flourishing of new services, including vr/ar and intelligent security scenarios represented by large video and large traffic, car service and industrial control scenarios with extremely strict time delay requirements, and IOT scenarios represented by sea volume connection. MEC edge cloud is a key link in 5g network architecture. How to use MEC edge cloud to enable 5g industry applications is an urgent problem for the whole industry on the eve of 5g. In this regard, Hunan Unicom took the lead in piloting UAVs

China Unicom has set up an UAV joint innovation industrial base in Changsha. At the same time, Hunan Unicom, as one of the first batch of MEC pilot provinces in the Unicom system, has conducted detailed research and scheme demonstration in MEC. MEC edge cloud sinks high bandwidth, low delay and localized services to the edge of the network, becoming the key to network reconstruction and digital transformation by building, extending and supplementing the chain. Tens of thousands of edge nodes are excellent advantageous resources for operators, which is not only a new window to open cooperation with Ott and vertical industries, but also the last mile to optimize 5g experience

in the military and police field, Hunan Unicom, in combination with the daily inspection needs of the Expressway Management Bureau of the provincial public security department, has made use of MEC's advantages of low delay, high bandwidth and localization to put forward a steel saving case for the inspection of Expressway UAVs

Figure 1: technical scheme for highway UAV +mec line patrol

january 21, the first day of the National Spring Festival transportation. In the afternoon, xuxianhui, vice governor of Hunan Province and director of the public security department, and his party came to Changsha west toll station of Changyi Expressway to inspect the preparations for the Spring Festival transportation. They met with the staff of Hunan Unicom UAV joint innovation industry base who were conducting UAV support drills here. The staff operated several UAVs to fly off for the vice governor to conduct a highway monitoring demonstration. A real-time UAV spring transportation support drill was carried out, and on-site demonstrations were conducted on four major enterprises, namely, the rapid handling of traffic accidents, the lighting supply of faulty vehicles at night, the patrol of Changyi and the traffic conditions of adjacent roads, and the throwing of drug supplies for the injured in traffic accidents

Figure 2, 3 and 4: Spring Festival transportation support site of Changyi Expressway

over the years, the traffic flow during the Spring Festival transportation of Changyi expressway is very large, which often leads to long lines of traffic jams. Leaders of the provincial government have repeatedly instructed to solve this problem as soon as possible. Therefore, Changyi expressway company has made great determination and great efforts to introduce Unicom UAV for support. The UAV can quickly predict the traffic flow pattern and enable the evacuation emergency plan according to the traffic flow in advance

"From today on, our UAV team will carry out UAV patrol monitoring and flow early warning on Expressway vehicles during the Spring Festival travel of Changyi expressway, and also carry out UAV emergency operations, including auxiliary law enforcement, accident vehicle evacuation, emergency throwing lighting, air monitoring and shouting, etc. by means of multiple aircraft linkage, we will patrol every hour, but the fatigue test aircraft is just the opposite. According to the high-speed management We will provide full coverage and 24-hour uninterrupted flight service until the end of the Spring Festival transportation on March 1. "

said the head of Hunan Unicom emergency communication UAV joint innovation technology application center

at present, Hunan Unicom is actively preparing for the trial commercial use of 5g UAV, and has taken the lead in formulating a standardized business plan leading the industry. It can now provide solutions for many industries, including emergency rescue, oil, transportation, water conservancy, fire protection, electric power, meteorological and environmental protection, public security and armed police, maritime affairs, land and resources, railway power, etc

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