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On August 26, the foundation of the new factory of Changzhou Bridgestone Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. was laid in Xuejia, Changzhou. As the development goal of Bridgestone fluid technology, the new factory has a total investment of US $49.7 million. It is expected to be completed in June 2012 and put into operation in October

the new simultaneous project is jointly invested by Changzhou Bridgestone Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. and Bridgestone (China) chemicals Investment Co., Ltd. to plan and construct oil pressure, air pressure and water pressure hoses, hose assemblies and rubber mixing projects in the south of Huanghe West Road and the west of Lvshu middle road in Xinbei district

according to Tanaka BANGYU, head of Changzhou Bridgestone Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., the new plant has a total land area of about 70000 square meters, a building area of 28200 square meters, a total investment of 49.7 million US dollars (equivalent to 4.12 billion yen), and a registered capital of 24.3 million US dollars (equivalent to 2.019 billion yen) from 3.2 million US dollars (equivalent to 265million yen). It will be completed in June next year and put into operation in October

Xi zhouzuo, head of Bridgestone group, said: "based on the strong demand for the Chinese market, we will put into production as early as possible."

after the completion of the new project, the annual output of pneumatic, hydraulic and hydraulic hoses will be 12000km, 7million hose assemblies and 5000 tons of rubber mixing; It is estimated that the annual output value will reach 630million yuan; Profits and taxes amount to 45million yuan; It is estimated that more than 200 jobs will be added by 2015

Changzhou Bridgestone Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2000 by Bridgestone Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bridgestone, Japan, in Changzhou high tech Zone. It is specialized in the production and operation of Bridgestone brand high-pressure hoses and the development and research of related hydraulic technologies. This product is widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, industrial machinery and other industries all over the country. Bridgestone hose ranks fifth in the world

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