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Changxing Industry and Commerce seized a batch of fake famous brand paint. Changxing Industry and Commerce seized a batch of fake famous brand paint. On July 25, 2013, it was supervised by international coatings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a famous Chinese brand... The famous brand paint known as "Hong Kong supervision" was actually produced in a small town in Anhui Province. A few days ago, the industry and Commerce Bureau of Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province seized 500 barrels of this fake paint in an automobile repair factory in Meishan town

on the same day, the law enforcement officers of Meishan industrial and Commercial Office of Changxing County Bureau of industry and Commerce found a large van with foreign license plate parked in a garage in Meishan town during their daily inspection

according to the employees of the auto repair plant, the car has no (1) power supply voltage fault, but it can still get the data curve and print out the data and report by itself for a few hours when it stops temporarily, and it will leave after a period of time. This has aroused the suspicion of law enforcement officials. "At that time, there was no driver in the car. We saw from the gap in the rear compartment that it was filled with paint." Law enforcement officer Xiao Xu said

m2 - mass (kg) of test piece (including fixture and mounting screw) law enforcement personnel asked the owner Li. Li told law enforcement officers that he stopped at the garage during the day to avoid traffic police inspection and wanted to wait until the traffic police got off work. The law enforcement officers inspected the truck and found that the paint bucket inside the truck was marked with the words "supervised by international coatings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a famous Chinese brand", etc

according to investigation, this batch of paint was not produced by Hong Kong company at all, but was produced by a paint factory in a small town in Guangde County, Anhui Province. Mr. Li is the person in charge of this paint factory. The Hong Kong company marked "supervising" on the paint bucket is actually a "leather bag" company. More and more urban users of different ages are accustomed to and rely on sharing bicycles. It has not produced such products. After registering the trademark of the paint product in Hong Kong, Mr. Li entrusted mainland enterprises with processing in the name of a Hong Kong company, and marked the packaging with the words "Hong Kong supervised". In order to improve the popularity of the product, Mr. Li also marked the words "Chinese famous brand" on the prominent position of the outer package of the batch of paint

it is reported that these fake paints are suspected of false publicity and have been sealed up by law enforcement officers. At present, the case is under further investigation

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