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News from ctiforum on October 25 (Yang Jialin): located in the hinterland of Songnen Plain in Heilongjiang Province, Anda City has 2720000 mu of high-quality grassland. It is one of the three high-quality grasslands in the world. It grows a class a herbage Leymus chinensis, which is known as the Pearl of the world. It is a natural ranch. More than 3/4 of the high-quality black-and-white milk is raised by hot-air plastic granulator cattle

in recent years, relying on the high-quality resource advantages of good grass, good cattle and good milk, Anda City does not need to peel off the paint layer in a large area to develop green industry. In combination with the strategy of rising in the central region, anda has made concerted efforts to build five modern cattle cities. With the leading dairy processing enterprises as the core driving force, we have launched monprene in ⑵ 3000 series SBC composite materials, with the standardized cattle breeding base as the driving force and the standardized management as the guarantee force, To build a nationally renowned dairy City, a grand blueprint for building a green dairy city has been launched

in 2012, changxinda successfully assisted in the construction of Anda dairy industry public service customer service center platform project. The service platform was built with 16 service seats in phase I and effectively expanded in the later stage according to the needs of business development. After the platform is launched, it will realize the technical consultation, inspection result query, technical exchange and other information exchange between dairy inspection laboratories and customers, other inspection institutions, other departments and enterprises, Facilitate communication with customers to the greatest extent and improve work efficiency

from the hometown of dairy cows to the city of dairy industry, and then to the green dairy capital of China, anda has started a new positioning of development thinking, a new leap from the original quantity to quality, and a new improvement from quality to brand. With the favorable climate, geographical conditions and people, anda, with the generous mind given by the black land in the northeast, is fully demonstrating the development passion of Niucheng on the vast grassland, writing a new chapter in the rise of China's green dairy city

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