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Changyuan technology has passed the CMMI3 certification, and its R & D strength has been internationally recognized.

recently, Changyuan technology CMMI (i.e. Software Capability Maturity Model Integration) evaluation certification has successfully obtained the CMMI3 certification through the review of CHO won Ho, the Korean chief evaluator, the audit of the U.S. CMMI Institute and public announcement. This indicates that Changyuan technology has reached the advanced level in the industry in terms of software R & D standardization process, process improvement, project management, etc., has realized the integration with the international mainstream model, and can provide customers with products and services of higher technical level and quality. As a single-layer fabric

cmmi (Capability Maturity Model Integration), i.e. software capability maturity model integration, it is a set of evaluation and certification system jointly developed and formulated by the U.S. Department of defense, Carnegie Mellon University and the U.S. Defense Industry Association. It is an authoritative standard used to evaluate the capability maturity and project management level of software enterprises in the world, It is an international standard for enterprises in the development process and quality management. CMMI certification has become an important symbol to measure the engineering development ability of software enterprises in the world. The CMMI model is divided into five levels, which includes the practice of product development, maintenance and service, covering the whole product life cycle from project initiation to delivery and maintenance. Trinkaus Randall and others designed an artificial cornea with polyvinyl alcohol as the optical part and polypropylene/polybutylene copolymer fiber as the scaffold part, and proved that it can be filled with stromal keratinocytes, The main component of silicone resin is polymethylsiloxane (methyl vinyl silicone oil for short) with 2-methyl vinyl siloxane as the end group. The natural silicon dioxide combines with carbon atoms to form a single chain at high temperature, and then polymerizes into high molecules. CMMI5 is the highest level certification

as a domestic professional contact center (call center), unified communication, software customization development and other integrated solution provider, Changyuan technology has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of product R & D and technological innovation. This time, it successfully passed the CMMI3 certification, which not only effectively improves the core competitiveness of Changyuan technology, but also further optimizes and improves the software development and project management strength for Changyuan technology in the future, It has played a positive role in promoting and helping Changyuan technology continue to consolidate its leading edge in the industry

zuoxiaozhou, general manager of Changyuan technology, said: the changes brought about by CMMI3 will help us better understand our own advantages and disadvantages and the direction of continuous improvement, help to improve the overall strength and project delivery level of the company's R & D team, and bring more guarantee and support for us to provide customers with first-class products and services

Chang was established in 2011 for different raw materials and technologies. It is a provider of integrated solutions focusing on Contact Center (call center), unified communication, software customization development and so on. It is a high-tech enterprise and dual software certification enterprise in Hunan Province

Changyuan technology always takes technological innovation as the driving force and owns independent intellectual property rights. In the future, Jixi will look for new growth points for call center system software products, including JICC cloud call center system, amaze UC unified communication system, global phone app, Changyuan CRM and other business application systems. After years of continuous accumulation, the communication system software products of Changyuan technology have been widely used in government agencies, real estate and property, banking/Finance/insurance, television/sales, biology/medical treatment/medicine, media/entertainment/services, rail/transportation/4s stores, consulting/education, it/Internet and other industries. Many of the well-known customers are Yuanda residential workers, Yuanda air products, Huayuan Real estate, Wanda Plaza, Hunan talent market, Pacific Insurance, Huaxia Bank Lazy cat travel, you are beautiful and other enterprises and institutions. Honesty, professionalism and high cost performance are the most common evaluations of Changyuan technology from customers

Changyuan technology will take CMMI3 as a new starting point, continuously optimize and improve the management level, realize the continuous innovation, transformation and upgrading of products, and provide customers with mature industry solutions and high-quality services

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