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It is reported that relying on the solid sensor industry foundation of Changzhou National High tech Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu has drawn up a blueprint for the construction of "China's international sensor Valley", striving to form an international sensor industrial park with an overall scale of 100 billion yuan by 2025, becoming the core area of China's sensor industry and the "new benchmark" of the independent innovation demonstration zone in southern Jiangsu

it is understood that at present, there are more than 40 sensor related enterprises in Changzhou high tech Zone, with products covering temperature, pressure, displacement, angular displacement, torque, flow, audio, speed, acceleration and many other varieties, with an annual output value of 12.5 billion yuan, and a number of backbone enterprises engaged in R & D and manufacturing of sensors, module systems and typical terminal products. Among them, Sensata Technology Changzhou Co., Ltd. mainly provides sensors and controllers for automotive air conditioners and engine systems. In 2014, it sold 2.63 billion yuan and exported 220million dollars, of which automotive pressure sensors ranked first in the world; Mettler Toledo Changzhou Co., Ltd. has the largest R & D and manufacturing base of pressure sensors and weighing instruments in Asia, and has a laboratory developed synchronously with the Swiss headquarters. Its main technical indicators have ranked first in the industry for 22 consecutive years, with sales of 1.9 billion yuan in 2014; SANHENG Technology Co., Ltd., Tiandi Automation Co., Ltd. and LIANLI Automation Technology Co., Ltd. are the top three companies in the domestic coal mine safety monitoring sensor industry; Home appliance sensor controller enterprises represented by Changsheng electric appliance and Huichang sensor have a market share of more than 90% in the domestic market

the district also has 21 R & D institutions related to the sensor industry. Changzhou Industrial Research Institute of Zhejiang University has intelligent electronic information research center and robot research center; The IOT College of Hohai University is one of the first four IOT colleges in China. Under it, there are the Institute of IOT technology application, the underwater information sensing technology research center and the friction coefficient of Changzhou sensing and plastic film. It is a major sensing technology research center such as the Key Laboratory of target environmental perception, and has the only IOT doctoral program in China. At the same time, the city and its surrounding areas have a good growth environment for the sensor industry, and the province is the area with the most concentrated sensor industry and a wide range of sensor applications in China

according to wuxiaodong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changzhou high tech Zone, based on the solid industrial foundation of the city and the high attention paid by the Ministry of industry and information technology to the sensor industry, the high tech Zone has taken the lead in preparing the construction plan of China International sensor Valley, hoping to gather industrial resources, tackle common key technologies, develop major products, and gather industry backbone enterprises through the pressure intensity values measured at home and abroad until the samples are crushed, Build a modern international sensor industry highland in the city that can interact with the pillar industries of the national economy, strongly participate in international industrial competition, and continue to innovate and grow. Strive to achieve an industrial scale of 50billion yuan by 2020 and 100billion yuan by 2025 after the production of springs

according to zhangxinqiang, deputy director of the photovoltaic Park Management Committee of the high tech Zone, the sensing valley will be distributed for characterization and engineering utilization; The Bureau's industrial innovation core area, industrial agglomeration key area and industrial development synergy area. The industrial innovation core area is close to Changzhou station of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway and Xuejia road crossing of Shanghai Chengdu expressway, covering an area of 560 mu. It will focus on building the core competitiveness of the sensor industry, effectively gather high-level industrial technology R & D institutions, authoritative testing, standards and certification institutions, public technology service platforms and business incubators, as well as scientific and technological financial institutions and innovation consulting service institutions, so as to create the innovation driven core of the sensor valley. The key industrial cluster area with a total planned area of 11.24 square kilometers will be divided into manufacturing enterprise cluster area, Longhutang living supporting area and Sanjiangkou comprehensive business district. At present, it has gathered international well-known sensor enterprises such as Sensata in the United States and well-known enterprises in sub industries such as lesai optoelectronics, striving to further gather more new sensors, key materials, core chips, module systems Key sensor manufacturers of typical terminals and other products

it is reported that after Changzhou high tech Zone officially starts the construction of China International sensor Valley, it will also establish an industrial organization with wide influence, hold characteristic theme activities, and comprehensively launch the brand of "China International sensor Valley"

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