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It is originally a small house type. Where should we start to change it? Don't worry, today Xiaobian will recommend this set of decoration renderings in the mixed style of two bedrooms and one living room in the happy era for you. This case skillfully uses colorful color matching to have a spring like sense of vitality at home; At the same time, mirror reflection is used to expand the sense of space, so that the small room has a big feeling. There are many wonderful ways to save space and add storage. Let's have a look

decoration owner files:

decoration community; Happy era (more happy era community decoration effect pictures) decoration company: Decoration bidding decoration cost: half package 60000 decoration style: mixed style decoration house type: two rooms and one living room area: 70 square meters

first is the entrance of the house. The head of household placed a hook on the wall at the entrance to hang accompanying clothes. This not only saves space, but also skillfully avoids the clutter of the room and improves the display function of the room

when you come to the living room, the main color is no longer white. Under the main color of light blue, the dark blue sofa and yellow carpet are particularly eye-catching. Coupled with colorful murals, the living room is smart and beautiful, giving the race a sense of vitality when spring comes

when I walked into the kitchen, I found that although the kitchen was small, it was a sparrow, with complete internal organs, neat and generous, and everything. The upper and lower integrated cabinet design improves the storage capacity of items, while the embedded stove saves space. The cabinet corner design makes full use of space, creating a versatile kitchen in such a small space

naturally, the study in a small bedroom cannot be very large, so the head of the household chose the window of the bedroom as the study. He used curtains to separate the study from the bedroom, highlighting the strong space utilization, creating a quiet and bright working environment and enjoying the sun at ease

when you come to the bedroom, it mainly shows a symmetrical beauty. The bedside tables and lamps on the left and right sides, together with the murals hanging on the walls in the form of Tian Zi, create a sense of calm and solemn atmosphere

the bath curtain protects the privacy of the room, highlights the mood, and creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. The anti slip carpet has strong color and jumping room atmosphere, which can be said to be both decorative and practical

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