Four Misunderstandings of indoor decoration pollut

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Four Misunderstandings of indoor decoration pollution

>& gt;& gt; Environmental protection is qualified, but there is still a risk of home decoration pollution, which is caused by excessive decoration

the problem of home decoration pollution has become a serious threat to human health and safety “ Hidden killer ”, According to Fang Zhen, chief architect of China Architectural Decoration Association, " Indoor environmental pollution " Has become the successor “ Soot pollution ” And “ Photochemical pollution ” After that, the third largest air pollution problem in the world. Many people think that as long as they use boards and furniture marked with environmental protection, they can avoid this killer. In fact, there are many misunderstandings in the process of decoration, and the most likely misunderstandings are the following:

myth 1: poisons in home decoration mainly come from plates and furniture, not adhesives

fact: wood and natural plants are originally non-toxic. Because boards and furniture are bonded by wood with glue, which contains a lot of formaldehyde and benzene, toxic wood comes from glue rather than wood, and furniture boards only account for a part of home decoration, or a part of the toxic source of home decoration

Myth 2: toxic boards and furniture can't be solved, and it's not worth mentioning that the wall is covered with ash

fact: the wall is one of the most important links in home decoration. It not only has a large area, but also covers the whole room. Shuangfei powder is originally non-toxic, but it requires a large amount of chemical glue when preparing putty, which leads to toxicity. In addition, everyone mistakenly believes that dusting is a small matter, which leads to the use of a large number of inferior glue, making the air in the room worse

myth 3: just open more windows and doors for ventilation after decoration

fact: due to the use of chemical glue, the boards and furniture are toxic. The formaldehyde in the glue can be released for up to 5 to 15 years. It is useless to open a window for a few months

myth 4: glue is made of formaldehyde and benzene, which is impossible without formaldehyde and benzene

fact: with the rapid development of science and technology, healthy vegetable gum without formaldehyde and benzene has been inspected and certified by the national environmental protection product quality supervision and testing center, and has been put into production, which will slowly replace chemical gum containing formaldehyde and benzene





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