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On May 27, 2018, chairman Xu Yinghai of Seahawk doors and windows and dealers from all over the country gathered at the scenic Nanjing International Conference Hotel to attend the 2018 new product launch and fortune forum of Seahawk doors and windows with the theme of "cooperation to improve quality and technology to change life"

Chairman Xu Yinghai unveiled the new product

in addition to the national dealers of Seahawk, this event also welcomed a number of industry leaders and experts to the scene, including Ge Qilong, deputy director of the office of Jiangsu Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, Luo Jin, Secretary General of Jiangsu metal structure association and chief engineer of Jiangsu Provincial Science and technology development center, and other distinguished guests to observe the new product launch of Seahawk

the leaders at the meeting expressed their full affirmation of the Seahawk brand and products, and also expressed their praise and praise for the innovative development of the industry promoted by Seahawk from different angles, and expressed their high expectations for the future development of Seahawk

this recognition has consolidated the leading position of Haiying doors and windows in the door and window industry

Chairman Xu Yinghai was interviewed by the media

this event also received many mainstream media, all-round, multi-level and multi angle reports

media units include:

Huicong network | people's network

China National Architecture Network | economic network (people's daily)

Phoenix Network | CCTV (voice of public welfare)

Qianlong Network | Sina home

global culture network | Tencent home

China Network | China Jiangsu network

China designer network | modern decoration network

. China decoration network | home online (national decoration)

SouFun (fangtianxia home) |China Daily website

global building materials website | household real estate headline

China Household website | China Building Decoration website

Jufang website | home decoration industry website

decoration world | decoration information website

Home Furnishing | first decoration brand website

overseas website (official website of overseas edition of people's daily)

Jiuzheng building materials network | China home decoration network

Southern Network | Northern Network | Oriental Network

China Enterprise News Network | China enterprise network

China Business News Network | China home decoration network

Home Industry Network | China enterprise information network

International Online | international news network

China news gathering and editing network | China Property News Network

Chinese business news network | Huiya media - home Hotline

consumption daily | Netease real estate

tom | international news network

the new product release of Seahawk doors and windows is a perfect manifestation of continuous technological innovation, reflecting Seahawk's customer-centered service concept

The high-quality humanized and intelligent performance products created by enable Seahawk to surpass the standards of enterprises, industries and countries and set a new benchmark in the industry while winning a number of honors

the successful holding of this event has received widespread attention and strong repercussions. It not only enables the public to systematically have a clearer and more intuitive understanding of Seahawk's new products in terms of performance, technology, design, user experience and other aspects, but also sees the enterprise momentum of Seahawk's door and window innovation technology, innovative technology, and the sense of responsibility to improve people's lives and improve people's living environment





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