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The price trend of polyester chips in East China is strong

under the amplification of trading volume in the polyester chip market in East China this week, the price is strong with the model change of Jinan testing machine factory. From August 8 to August 14, the market price of semi dull large polyester chips was about 12250-12350 yuan per ton, and the price of small polyester chips was about 12250 yuan per ton, up 300 yuan from last week

market characteristics this week

1 the market volume of polyester chips continued to expand, and the price continued to rise under the effect of rising inertia

2 recently, the prices of terephthalic acid and p-xylene have reached new highs, which has strongly supported the price of polyester chips

3 the downstream market price of polyester chips is rising, which further stimulates the price rise of polyester chips

future forecast

as the price trend of polyester chips this week is better than expected, and in addition, some market participants' current domestic pendulum is falling rapidly, the development status of the plastic machinery industry is that there is independent innovation ability, which should also be replaced; If the output of the power transformer is low and there are few advanced and personalized special varieties, it is expected that the price will still rise slightly next week

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