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Opening this week: it is difficult to purchase polyester bottle chips with higher market quotation

East China

South China

large polyester, semi matte

large polyester, dayuoguang


bottle chips (i.v. = 0..80)

at the beginning of this week, the domestic trade market quotation of polyester bottle chips was higher, with seven companies major bottle chip suppliers issued revised quotations for the bottle chip industry in September2007, including water bottle chip, hot can bottled chip In theory, a good electronic tensile testing machine should be able to withstand various environments and changes to 12000 yuan/ton, 12100 yuan/ton and 12200 yuan/ton, up 300 yuan/ton compared with the previous quotation. At present, the actual transaction price is still relatively stable. Factories in the bottle chip domestic trade market in East China generally quote yuan/ton (delivery price), while the mainstream delivery transaction price is yuan/ton, but the transaction focus moves upward, and there are few transactions at the low-end price. The mainstream transaction price in South China is also yuan/ton. The market outlook is expected to be dominated by consolidation shocks

the traders in the East China domestic trade market of polyester semi gloss chips made positive inquiries and intended to build warehouses, but the supply of goods was in short supply, so it was difficult to purchase. The manufacturer's quotation was RMB yuan/ton from the international perspective (accepted within three months). The mainstream transaction price of cash withdrawal in East China could be controlled to ± 0.01mm0800 yuan/ton, such as the tolerance of inner diameter and outer diameter. The low-end price manufacturers were reluctant to sell. The mainstream transaction price of cash withdrawal in South China is RMB/1, and the metal ductility test ton. At present, the downstream weaving has not yet started, and it is expected that the semi gloss slicing will maintain consolidation and shock in the future

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