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Polycom Shenzhen Office grand opening

today, Polycom Shenzhen Office held a grand opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, Geoff Thomas, President of Polycom Asia Pacific, Mr. yubaosheng, deputy general manager of China, and guests witnessed the event

as the UC C industry leader, Polycom's new office is located in Shenzhen, which marks that it will further promote the business development in South China, commit to continuously exploring the Chinese market, and show Polycom's determination to provide long-term service and commitment to the enterprise. The opening of the Shenzhen office will undoubtedly further bring new video conferencing solutions to enterprises in South China, especially enable customers in South China to obtain industry-leading video services more quickly and in time, improve the communication efficiency between enterprises and teams, and create an unimpeded collaboration experience for enterprises

when it comes to Polycom's office, there is a unique place that can bring amazing and extraordinary experience to the participants. The experimental machines produced over the years have been used by customers all over the country. It is the executive experience center (EEC). What is unique about it? Please follow us to uncover your secrets

entering the experience center of Shenzhen Office aims to allow customers to personally experience the new collaboration experience brought about by Polycom's innovative products. Just like Polycom real presence Centro, the people-oriented design breaks through the previous product design imagination. As the industry's first 360 degree central presentation solution, it creates a sense of reality for each participant and creates an atmosphere of face-to-face communication. Its appearance design conforms to people's natural and comfortable expression. The meeting is arranged in a circular seat, and participants can naturally look directly at the front lens for discussion and communication. At the same time, the 360 degree camera and sensor equipped with Polycom patented technology can conduct intelligent switching, so that everyone can be in the center of the experience no matter where they are

it is easy to connect the world with one click and communicate with the world without leaving home. It is a new solution of Polycom. As long as you sit in front of the screen of the experience center and easily press the 5-inch color touch screen button and intuitive navigation function of the real presence trio8800, you can easily connect participants from all over the world, quickly launch each meeting, reduce misoperation, narrow the channel, which will increase the air flow, and conduct face-to-face communication unimpeded. Real prese should open the oil return valve handle at this time. The nce trio 8800 can provide wired and wireless pairing for personal devices through Bluetooth or USB. Each side contains a convenient luminous mute button. This unique design is designed to provide each participant with the best conference management experience. In addition, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the world through the large screen of EEC during the leisure time of the conference. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong and fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco are instantly in front of you

the real presence debut located in the product experience area on the other side is simple and convenient in design. It is a brand-new video collaboration solution specially created for small conference spaces, providing large enterprise level collaboration experience for small and medium-sized enterprises. Simplicity is the design principle of every detail. It aims to ensure that anyone can quickly complete the installation without technical support. The application installation takes only a few minutes to place on the top of the display and connect two cables. The design of the user interface is simple. Anyone can start and manage calls, which is so simple that the deployment can be completed

modern enterprises need more flexible and efficient team collaboration and communication. Polycom's realpresence medialign provides the most convenient and fast conference systems such as non-metallic impact testing machines. It can provide a consistent collaboration solution for the entire enterprise without changing the conference room. It can be assembled quickly without tools to bring a special experience. Its integrated design for multi network environment allows enterprises to enjoy a consistent and efficient collaboration experience without changing the conference room

the new Shenzhen office is just the beginning. Polycom will continue to provide enterprises with high-quality video conference collaboration solutions to help enterprises improve collaboration efficiency and achieve an unobstructed collaboration experience of on-demand and on-demand video

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