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Polycrystalline products turn to wait-and-see, and single crystals are expected to rise in both volume and price

the United States has just suspended the implementation of the clean power plan (CPP) to reduce carbon emissions by replacing thermal power with photovoltaic and wind power generation in recent years, and Japan's new annual cut in fit (feed intariffs, benchmark subsidy price benchmark) is about to be announced. The grace period for certified but not installed power stations has not been announced, All add a little uncertainty to this year's demand

as large-scale power stations in China have switched to single crystal, and the rush for installation is coming to an end, linyanrong, deputy research manager of energytrend in the green energy division under trendforce, said that the prices of polysilicon chips, battery chips and components have become flat after the lunar new year; For the most upstream polysilicon, both single and polycrystalline silicon chips are in hot demand and continue to expand production, showing a short-term supply shortage and sharp price rise

energytrend's latest quotation shows that thanks to the booming demand for single and polycrystalline silicon chips, the price of polycrystalline silicon in China rebounded rapidly in late January. At the beginning of January, the transaction price was about rmb104~106/kg, reaching rmb115/kg after the lunar new year, and the main manufacturers had little inventory, so the quotation was continuously rising

as part of the demand for silicon wafers shifted to single crystals, the shortage of polysilicon wafers has eased slightly, and the price has remained flat since the fourth quarter of last year. Although the supply of monocrystalline silicon is still in excess of demand, the capacity expansion of large factories such as Longji and Zhonghuan has not yet been in place, which makes the supply of monocrystalline silicon in an instant tight. It is expected that it will rise in the short term. It is expected that the market will return to the situation that the price of each polysilicon chip is slightly lower than that of single crystal in the second quarter

as the lunar new year has just passed, the battery chip and module factories only maintain the continuous production of orders made before the year, and new orders still show a wait-and-see trend after the year. As the time series has entered the end of the leading season, only China has strong price support in the second quarter. Although it is expected that the mainstream polycrystalline battery chips and components will continue to be fully loaded in response to China's demand, it can be seen that the price will become weaker as the off peak season of the technical parameters of haiji'nan experimental machine has passed

due to relatively few suppliers of monocrystalline silicon and battery chips, the demand for monocrystalline silicon in China's local power stations is expected to increase from 15% last year to 25% this year, making the price of monocrystalline products relatively strong and showing a slight rise in the short term

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