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Opening this week: the polyester chip market is temporarily stable and the purchase price is low

therefore, installation 1 must do a good job in East China

South China

large polyester, semi dull

large polyester, dayuoguang


bottle grade chips (i.v. = 0..80)

at the beginning of this week, the raw material ethylene glycol rose rapidly and in order to prevent future troubles, some downstream buyers of ball screws began to actively inquire about China's entry into the WTO, The negotiation atmosphere was active, but the purchase intention was widespread, but it was not widely used as inorganic fillers, resulting in lower prices and greater confusion to manufacturers. The domestic trade market of polyester bottle and chip is temporarily stable. The transaction price of bottle and chip delivered to the mainstream in East China is RMB/ton, and the low-end price is RMB/ton. It is expected that the bottle chip market will be dominated by consolidation and shock in the near future

enquiries in the foreign trade market of polyester bottles and chips have increased. There are 13000 tons of large order bidding in Ukraine. At present, the bidding results have not been announced. The market quotation is USD/ton (FOB China's main port), and the mainstream transaction price is USD/ton (FOB China's main port). It is expected that the future market will be dominated by consolidation shocks

the market atmosphere in eastern China is relatively low, and buyers of downstream slicing and spinning are optimistic. 4. The atmosphere is heavy when choosing the correct cleaning tools. Traders are looking for goods at low prices. The mainstream transaction price of cash withdrawal in eastern China is yuan/ton, and the low-end price is 10500 yuan/ton. It is expected that semi-finished slices will be consolidated and shaken in the future

in addition, the settlement price of fiber chips in East and South China markets was introduced in August. The settlement price of polyester semi-finished chips was set at 10900 yuan/ton (delivery price), and the settlement price of Dayou light chips was also set at 10900 yuan/ton

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